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1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you
and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. no tag-backs
7. You can't say you don't do tag backs
8. You MUST make up journal entry

Ten Things About Me:

1. I love art.
2. I think snakes are cute.
3. I have fallen off a horse.
4. I like to play the piano.
5. I have a golden Arbok.
6. I gave my friend a wooden Q for their birthday.
7. I met one of my best friends in dance class.
8. I'm multiracial.
9. I dislike slippers.
10. I have a dog petting rock.

Time for questions!
1) If you could die your hair any color without consequence, what color(s) would you pick? 
Probably a dark purple.

2) What do you think your patronus would be?
Platypus. It speaks to me on an emotional level.

3) What's your favorite mythical creature?
Dragons are the coolest (I also really like Griffins).

4) What was your first fandom?
Star Wars. I was raised on that stuff.

5) The story behind your username.
It was one of many aliases I thought of and it stuck.

6) What is your favorite dessert thing??
Is all the dessert things an answer?

7)What movie did you watch last?
Sleepy Hollow

8) What song do you have stuck in your head?/ What's a song you like?
I've been listening to Eet by Regina Spektor. It's my jam.

9) What's your favorite flavor of Ramen noodles?
I'm indifferent mostly.

10)  Do you believe in aliens?
It seems kind of impossible for there not to be other intelligent life out there. So yes.

Here are mine!

1) If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

2) What's the biggest lie you have ever told?

3) Who is your best friend?

4) What is your earliest memory?

5) If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

6) What's your favorite color?

7) Which would you rather be, Jedi or Sith?

8) What’s 16 x 82?

9) What's your favorite food?

10) What's your favorite song?

People I have to tag (sorry):

I'm not going to tag anyone. I'm rebellious that way. If you want to do it, by all means go ahead, but I wont make you.
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Playing: Pokemon X
Stroll Into Darkness by Meadow-Frost
Stroll Into Darkness
Rose Lalonde from Homestuck.

Probably my last finished picture of the year.
2015 ended on a pretty bad note for me. But I'd rather look forward to the good things that will happen next year than dwell on the bad things that happened this year.

So I hope you all have a happy new year. <3


Meadow-Frost's Profile Picture
Meadow Frost
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an artist. It's what I have been and always will be, even if my skill level never rises and I stay an incompetent fool as I splash my hands around in paint.

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